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PE and Sports Grant

Newnham Infant School PE and Sports Premium Report




The primary PE and sport premium 2017 to 2018 will be paid by the Secretary of State for Education to the local authority. The authority will then distribute the premium to maintained schools in its area as stated in Section 14 of the Education Act 2002.


Purpose of the premium

The premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, in the 2017 to 2018 academic year, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

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This document highlights how the PE and sports premium has been allocated.


2017 / 2018 Spending


Amount of premium received: £14,091


Amount of premium rolled forward from 2016/2017: £755


Total amount of premium: £14,846

How the premium has been spent and the impact this has on the school


Curriculum Books and Consumables - £197

Val Sabin gymnastics and dance scheme of work.

This comprehensive scheme of work for KS1 includes a teaching guide as well as planning and assessment sheets. This gives teachers to tools to confidently plan lessons based around gymnastics and dance and will improve the quality of lessons taught. This particular scheme of work also exceeds the National Curriculum requirements, aiming to drive children more.


Equipment - £1,035

This money has been spent on organisational equipment for the purpose of storing PE equipment ensuring ease of access. Money has also been invested in suitable outdoor clothing for staff as well as further PE equipment. This has enabled the quality of lessons taught to be brought up to a higher standard.


Professional Fees - £9,000

Health workshops, Fit Kids With Ben, Skipping Club, Gymnastics, Sports Coaching, Yoga Sessions, servicing equipment and EYFS PE sessions have all been funded. The workshops delivered children with a clear understanding of how to keep themselves safe when travelling around and healthy lifestyles. There is a requirement to ensure that the equipment used by children and staff are safe and ready to use. Fit Kids which is offered at lunch time ensures that children are actively increasing their physical participation and increasing their own personal awareness of their own healthy lifestyle.



All of these activities are thoroughly embedded in the school and its ethos meaning that all of these elements will be sustained in the future as the PE and Sports Premium will be increased nationally.

Extra-curricular clubs and activities on offer at

Newnham Infant School Autumn 2018











Mother Nature Science




Disco Dancing

Street Dance




As you can see from the above table, the school offers a wide-range of clubs and activities across every day of the week – many include physical activity. The diversity of the clubs on offer allows children to develop a wide range of skills.


Drama and Street Dance allow children a chance to express themselves through actions, language and dance. This can have a positive impact upon children’s confidence and self-esteem and allow them to return to their classroom environment a more confident individual.


Lego club provides children with the opportunity for children to not only develop their fine motor skills but also to let their creativity flow. Not all children enjoy participating in sporting activities and may not be overly confident in public speaking. This club allows children to develop their creative confidence which they in turn are able to share in class with the rest of the class and possibly even the school.


Mother Nature is a science-based club which allows children the chance to explore, investigate, predict and test various theories about many different areas. It allows for the curious child to find out answers to those questions they have always had.


Skipping, gymnastics, tennis and football provide a chance for children to learn, practice and develop skills as well as providing a wonderful opportunity to make physical exercise a part of their own healthy lifestyle.


Once the children are more settled into their new routines, additional clubs will also be offered in the Spring and Summer Term. These may include a chess club and a keyboard club.


These clubs also provide children with the opportunity to develop the skills of teamwork, resilience and co-operation, all transferable skills which can be advantageous to positive learning within a classroom environment.

Looking ahead to 2018/2019



To be confirmed



Focus and planned impact


1. Provide ongoing training and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to all staff to ensure that the delivery of PE lessons continues to improve throughout the school.

2. Make sure PE equipment is consistently monitored, repaired or updated where necessary.



Planned impact


The provision for both gymnastics and dance is consistent across year groups, as classes will be following a sequential set of lessons. They have been provided with the resources (CD’s etc.) to enable the best possible delivery of the curriculum. This is something which is being monitored across the school. Skills will be continually built upon and these can be consolidated in future lessons as well as in clubs that children participate in outside of school.


Staff are being provided with ongoing training to enable them to feel more confident in teaching a variety of PE lessons. This will also reflect on the children as they will be able to partake in well planned and structured lessons which are consistently being taught to a high standard.


It is imperative that the PE equipment is thoroughly maintained and that any new equipment is of high quality to enable high quality teaching to take place.



As in previous years we are aiming for PE and sports to have a higher participation and enjoyment rate. Children will gain better fitness levels and will increase their understanding of the need for a healthier lifestyle in today’s society.


Having more of a focus on the competitive element of sports has enabled to the children to become more accustomed to learning an essential life skill – that there will be winners and losers and being able to accept that this will help children along their learning journeys. Sport Day 2018 was very successful and children were able to learn these valuable life skills.



Autumn 2018

Five key areas the Sport Premium Funding will be spent at Newnham Infant School



The sports premium expects to see a positive impact on these five key areas:


The engagement of ALL pupils in regular physical activity – kick starting healthy active lifestyles.


Raising the profile of PE & Sport within the school as a tool for whole school improvement


Increased confidence, skills and subject knowledge in delivering high quality PE lessons & sport events.


Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils



Increased participation and opportunity to participate in competitive sport




PE and Sport Premium Key Outcome Indicator

School Focus/ planned Impact on pupils

Actions to Achieve

Planned Funding

Actual Funding


Actual Impact (following review) on pupils

Sustainability / Next Steps

The engagement of ALL pupils in regular physical activity – kick starting healthy active lifestyles.

Increased supervised and structured play at break and lunchtimes

Develop children in Year 2 during Spring Term to become role models and teachers of games



Pupil feedback and feedback from lunchtime supervisors


Look into possibility of a play-leader on a part time basis,

Continue to develop staff to deliver structured play sessions

Raising the profile of PE & Sport within the school as a tool for whole school improvement

Raising profile of sports day – introducing medals and cups.

Star awards for learner of the week in lessons

Targeted interventions led by a PSD coach


Continue to try and highlight the profile of PE

Guest speakers and visitors

Links to local football clubs – QPR, Brentford and Fulham?



Positive feedback from children and parents as the new style sports day.

Star awards in PE lessons aspiring children to raise levels.

Staff feedback on results of interventions back within the classroom.


Continue to develop and adapt sports day as an important event in school calendar

Explore concept of ‘Daily Mile’

Celebrating sporting events as part of the school calendar

Increased confidence, skills and subject knowledge in delivering high quality PE lessons & sport events.

Up-skilling and improving teachers’ confidence levels and subject knowledge in PE.

Team-taught CPD lessons delivered by PSD coach to all teachers within Year 2 throughout the year.

Team-taught CPD lessons delivered by Superstar Sports Coach to all teachers within Year 1, Reception and Nursery throughout the year.



Teacher voice questionnaire before and after CPD sessions to gauge impact.


Teachers improve subject knowledge and ability to deliver high quality PE lessons in a variety of subjects.

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils


A variety of extracurricular clubs to engage all pupils in physical activity.

Provide a broad range of extracurricular clubs for all years groups that changes throughout the year from a variety of providers.



Pupil/Parent voice questionnaire.


Continue to develop links with local clubs/providers to ensure a broad range of activities are being offered for children.

Increased participation and opportunity to participate in competitive sport


To give children the chance to participate in competitive sport against children from other schools

Involve children in competitions out of school.



Children competed in an extra-curricular KS1 football tournament at Field End Infant


Continue to explore possibilities for participation in out of school events

Out of School Clubs
There are many local organisations that provide activities for our children to take part in outside of school. Here are a few suggestions but there are many more out there! For more info, follow the links.

Beavers/Cubs & Rainbows/Brownies/Guides

1st/3rd Ruislip - Woodford Hall, Poplars Close, Ruislip (Beavers: Mon/Thurs; Cubs: Tues/Weds; Scouts: Fri
4th Eastcote Cub Scouts - St.Lawrence Church, Bridle Road, Eastcote
5th Windmill Ruislip Brownies - Ruislip Baptist Church
9th Ruislip Brownies - St Martins Church