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Week beginning 6.7.20

Topic- Moving to the Juniors Task 6.7.20

Over the next two weeks we would like your child to think about their transition from the infants to the juniors. We have designed the activities above to help them think about their time at Newnham Infant School, what they are looking forward to in September and any worries or fears they may have about going into the juniors. 

Adding the suffixes -ment, -ness and -ful



Spellings Task 

Work through the PowerPoint attached and revise the rules for adding the suffixes. In particular, if a word has more than 2 syllables and ends in –y change the –y to ‘i and add the suffix. Build up during the week by attempting a few slides each day.


Task: Use each spelling in a sentence. Remember your Year 2 writing rules, especially the correct use of Year 2 punctuation (see the Year 2 Writing and Grammar Top Tips above). Try to extend each sentence using a conjunction. E.g. and, so, but, because, when, that, if. Can you add a noun phrase to some of your sentences? 

E.g.  Charlie Bucket was filled with amazement when he saw the huge, magnificent, chocolate factory. 

Mr Twit and Mrs Twit had an argument because Mrs Twit played a nasty, mean trick on him. 

There are three different levels of reading comprehension here, so please choose the most approriate one for your child. 
During this week we would have held our sports day. See the resource above which outlines 6 sporting challenges. Try and complete the 6 challenges each day and mark them off on your record sheet. Have fun!
Week beginning 29th June 

The Duchess of Cambridge took an online assembly about kindness a couple of weeks ago for The Oak Academy. Watch the assembly and then complete the kindness task during the week. 


Task: Throughout the week, try and do a different kind act each day and start your own Kindness Diary. Maybe you could be extra helpful at home or maybe show kindness towards a brother or sister in some way such as sharing toys or making them something to make them smile. 


Write down when and how you were kind to others and also when others were kind to you. You may want to draw pictures or add some photos using the attached resources or create your own diary. Think about how the acts of kindness made you feel.