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Introducing Column Addition and Subtraction w.b. 11.5.20


Now we are entering the summer term, it is the perfect time to introduce column addition and subtraction (see maths lessons set for the w.b 11.5.20). Children need plenty of opportunities just to practise these methods and soon pick it up with plenty of repetition. If we were in school now, we would set up short sessions 2-3 times a week to really rehearse the column methods such as first thing in the morning during register. The children's knowledge of tens and ones needs to be strong so if unsure, model adding / subtracting multiples of ten first such as: 20+30    or    70-60. 


This video is fantastic when introducing column addition to your children. In this video we use Dienes base 10 to help children understand column addition. We begin by looking at addition without regrouping, then looking at addition with regrouping. 

In this video we use Dienes base 10 to help children understand column subtraction. We begin by looking at subtraction without exchanging, then looking at subtraction with exchanging.

White Rose Problem of the Day


In March 2020 White Rose released a new problem every day. 


This was often used in the class. 


Please use this resource as you wish. We would suggest choosing one problem a day, possibly as a starter activity to a maths activity, show your workings out.

Addition and subtraction strategy


The children have learnt to add and subtract two 2-digit numbers using an empty number line by partitioning the numbers into 10s and 1s.


The children need to draw a number line using a ruler for each calculation.

Please also watch the video which talks through how we teach this calculation.

Year 2 Addition - Partitioning 2, 2 digit numbers

Year 2 Addition - Partitioning 2, 2 digit numbers

Music Fun

For some fun and easy-to-follow music lessons go to YouTube and search "sing education ks1". Pick and choose from the numerous lessons which encourage the skills of beat, rhythm and pitch, and sing along! The search also brings up the "Wake up! School assembly song and dance" which the children are familiar with. It's bright and catchy so you'll be humming along before you know it. Enjoy!

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Common Homophones Word Mat with visual cues