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Here is the weekly overview. Tasks will be uploaded daily.

Home Learning Weekly Overview week beginning 18.01.21

We have had some feedback from parents and going forward we would like you to mark the maths worksheets (the answers are included on the maths pdf). Please could you highlight any questions that your child found tricky or were incorrect. Sometimes the photograph is unclear and it makes it difficult to give feedback. We would really appreciate your support.

Year 2 Remote Learning Weekly Timetable

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Year 2 Information Pack for Parent Consultations




Hello Year 2 Parents and Carers,


We are so sorry we will not be seeing you in person this week. 

On Monday morning (16.11.20), we will upload all remote learning here on the school website under the children cloud and in the Year 2 section. We will provide a weekly timetable with an overview for the week and suggested timings for each activity. We will then upload each day’s tasks as a daily schedule with resources.

We will highlight what pieces of work need to be submitted. Please submit completed tasks by 9:00am the following day via your child’s class email. We do appreciate families have individual circumstances so please do email if you have any problems. We are more than happy to help and we are available during the school day.


*Please can all parents / carers sign up to Class Dojo if you have not already done so. Signing up is easy. Please follow the instructions in the letter or email your child's class teacher for another invite.*


Many thanks.

Mrs Knapp, Mrs Sahota, Mrs Wright and Miss Williams 😊

15th November - Guide to Phonics Screening Check Revision lessons

Year 2 have been reviewing Year 1 work covering Phases 4 and 5 alongside their Year 2 spellings work. This is to help the children regain any confidence lost during the school closure in recognising new graphemes rapidly and to develop accurate blending of sounds to read words accurately. Here is a short video which introduces the Phonics Screening Check revision lessons which Year 2 have been covering during the Autumn term. The Phonics Screening Check is scheduled for the week beginning 30th November in Year 2 at Newnham.

How Can Parents Support at Home?

To help support your child ahead of the Phonic Screening Check, we have sent home some word lists containing a mixture of real and nonsense words for your child to practice.

We recommend spending about 5 minutes per day practicing to blend the sounds to read each word. Look carefully for known Grapheme Phoneme Correspondences (a letter or letters representing one unit of sound) within words. E.g. or in forget, i_e in shine, ai in snail.

Little and often will really help develop your child’s confidence and accuracy over time.


We also recommend an app called Zat Phonics Screening Check which has a number of phonics checks which can be completed on a device. This is initially free but then makes a small in app charge.

We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.

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Year 2 Shared Home Learning