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Previous inspection:  Good

This inspection:  Good

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At Newnham Infant and Nursery School the curriculum is carefully planned and structured alongside the National Curriculum (Key Stage 1), and Early Years Foundation Stage. It is our aim that each child receives a broad and balanced experience, together with learning how to learn. For the majority of the time the children are taught through a cross curricular "topic based" approach.

The main core subjects are English and Mathematics. Other subject areas covered include Information Communication Technology, Science, Design and Technology, Art and Display, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education.


English is the basis of the whole curriculum. We aim to enable children to be competent in speaking and listening, reading and writing, handwriting and spelling.


Phonics - Using the Letters and Sounds framework, Phonics are taught on a daily basis.


Reading - The acquisition of reading skills is most important and we have a wide variety books and materials to support the children in learning to read. Children are encouraged to read using a wide variety of methods including contextual, phonics and whole word methods. Reading schemes include Lighthouse, Songbirds and Big Cat Collins Books.    



It is important for children to experience and enjoy the intrinsic value of mathematics from the outset. Children are taught to apply their knowledge of mathematical concepts through practical activities, problem solving and investigative work in order for them to understand the processes.



In this area practical opportunities are encouraged to ensure that scientific skills and knowledge are experienced through observing, predicting, estimating, enquiry, testing, comparing, experimenting, investigating, problem solving and collaborating. This is predominantly through cross-curricular or topic work.


Information Communication and Technology

In this area the school is increasingly well resourced. We have an ICT suite that has 15 computers and can therefore be used for whole class teaching. In addition to this we also have 30 laptops that can be used in class or with small groups. We have provisions to enhance and support all aspects of the curriculum. An internet access policy is in place.


Design and Technology

This includes food technology, sewing, and craft and is usually part of a wide topic. The children have opportunities for planning, designing and making items in order to provide solutions to problems, which may later be tested and evaluated.



In most cases art is linked to particular areas in the curriculum and children are given many opportunities to investigate and explore a wide variety of media. Close observation is encouraged. We also look at the work of well known artists.



The appreciation and enjoyment of music and singing is developed throughout the school. We have a wide variety of musical instruments to develop interest and skills and there are opportunities to appreciate the work of famous singers/composers. We share a sound-proof purpose built music room with the Junior School.


History and Geography

Once again these subjects are predominantly taught via topic work in order for children to gain knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live. We also develop skills of "finding out" and using such skills effectively.


Religious Education

We aim to enable our children to begin to understand the nature of religious beliefs and practices through caring, sharing and the consideration of others. The children are encouraged to become aware of themselves, their thoughts and feelings, their relationships with others and the world around them and to experience and develop an awareness of the spiritual dimensions of life.


Collective Acts Of Worship

It is a legal requirement that an act of Collective Worship is held daily. This enables the school community to celebrate together the common values of the school; Festivals from all cultures; the achievements of the children; the beauty, awe and wonder of our world and the Christian basis of our culture. Any Parent who has particular concerns about their child attending our Collective Acts of Worship and/or R.E, is welcome to discuss the matter with the Headteacher so that any alternative arrangements can be discussed and agreed.


Physical Education  

We aim to develop all aspects of physical skills as the children grow stronger and develop confidence. Areas include gymnastics, dance, ball skills and a variety of games. Work is both indoor and outdoor.


Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education

These areas are sometimes taught as seperate themes as well as being part of a particularly planned topic. The areas covered include the importance of a healthy balanced diet, personal hygiene and the danger of misuse of medicines. We also cover themes such as safety, stranger danger, and other areas of social awareness and responsibility.


Sex Education: This forms part of the wider programme of PSHCE and is not taught in isolation. No formal teaching takes place in the Infant or Nursery School but individual questions may be answered sensitively depending upon the level of the child's understanding. The work focuses on feelings, attitudes and an understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others.