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School Development

Newnham Infant and Nursery School

School Development Plan 2021-2022

Key Priority 1 – Quality of Education

To develop the quality of education so that 100% of teaching is good or better in all core subjects across the school. This will mean that the curriculum, teaching, learning opportunities and assessments are well planned and meet the needs of all pupils.

This will be achieved by:

  • Actively increasing the range of meaningful opportunities for developing vocabulary in lessons.
  • Developing our approach to the teaching of phonics and speaking and listening across the school. 
  • Ensuring children develop a wide range of reading skills (reading books match children’s phonic knowledge, branch out books and high quality individual and guided reading sessions).
  • Ensuring consistency in the quality of learning through regular and rigorous moderation of books and other learning evidence.
  • Developing and delivering an effective strategy (Pupil Premium & Catch Up) to overcoming disadvantage in order to build knowledge, cultural capital and ensure the best possible outcomes for disadvantaged pupils

Key Priority 2 – Behaviour and Attitude

To ensure all pupils are supported to develop and embed positive attitudes and behaviours for learning.

This will be achieved by:

  •  Continuing to have attendance rates over 95% and support families to achieve this
  •  Developing positive learning environments across all classes and outdoor areas
  • Enabling all children to have a strong understanding and respect of each other’s differences.
  • Ensuring the curriculum explicitly promotes the values of inclusion.

Key Priority 3 – Personal Development

To provide children with the knowledge, resources, opportunities and skills to be mentally, physically and culturally healthy.

This will be achieved by:

  • Ensuring all children are successful learners and have high emotional wellbeing. (self regulation)
  • Enabling all pupils to actively learn about global citizenship and develop a voice within this.
  • Extending the range of extra-curricular opportunities provided by the school and external providers.
  • Developing and extending the PSHCE /SMSC curriculum
  • Re-establishing the role of the school council

Key Priority 4 – Leadership and Management

To ensure subject leaders develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to effectively lead, assess, evaluate and monitor their subject in order to secure improvements in the quality of teaching, learning and outcomes for all pupils.

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing an effective and personalised CPD programme  for subject leaders
  •  Introducing effective Assessment, Tracking and Moderation across the wider curriculum.
  •  Working with subject leaders to ensure there is a cohesive approach to assessment in each subject, but with flexibility to allow for the different needs of individual subjects.
  •  Creating opportunities for ‘pupil voice’ where the opinions and experience of children across our school can be reviewed in terms of their learning and progress.
  • Ensuring opportunities are provided for the moderation of standards both within school and across the Local Authority.
  • By raising the visibility of the school governing body.

Key Priority 5 - EYFS

To ensure the EYFS statutory reforms are understood and embedded in provision, promoting success for all and a readiness for Key Stage 1

This will be achieved by:

  • ensuring all curriculum leaders are confident in how the EYFS reforms may impact on their subject.
  • Enabling all EYFS practitioners to undertake training in order to deliver and develop outstanding provision- focussed CPD both online and in school and across the LA.
  •  By developing quality interactions and questioning by staff to provide accurate ongoing assessment and challenge.
  • Ensuring EYFS and Year 1 staff create clear exemplification materials to ensure consistency for achievement of ELGs. 
  • Moderation between EYFS classes, across EYFS and KS1 and within our local schools cluster group.