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School Development

Newnham Infant & Nursery School

Improvement and Development Plan 2019-20

Key Priority 1

  • To develop high quality education for all pupils including the provision in Early Years
  • By reviewing and auditing the current curriculum
  • By constructing an ambitious, thematic curriculum developing key skills and specific knowledge to enable all children to achieve their potential
  • By continuing to develop a stimulating, inclusive learning environment where children can learn from one another
  • To develop early vocabulary, reading and phonics in EY and KS1 to secure a foundation for their next stage of learning

Key Priority 2

  • To strengthen the Leadership Team
  • By developing personalised CPD for all staff, including enhancing specific subject knowledge
  • By working with all staff to strengthen curriculum to enable children to explore the connections between subjects and themes
  • To develop an effective and efficient whole school assessment system
  • To ensure all staff are managed and supported to enable all children to achieve well (workload)
  • SLT to work with middle leaders to develop their curriculum areas

Key Priority 3

  • To strengthen Governance
  • By all Governors working effectively to improve outcomes across the school for all stakeholders
  • By all Governors carrying out their roles and responsibilities to ensure the school fulfils its statutory duties