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History Curriculum Implementation


History is an interesting subject which enables children to learn about the past and engage their curiosity to discover how their world has changed over time.  Our pupils are encouraged to put themselves in the shoes of others, helping them to develop empathy as well as their own sense of identity.  Historical themes are the basis for many topics taught throughout all year groups.  Our children are inspired by trips, themed days and visitors as these experiences enrich their historical understanding.


As well as looking at global history, we also look at the history of our country and the local history of Eastcote.  We feel it is important for children to learn about the past to help them to understand their place in the world; locally, nationally and globally. We teach our pupils about key figures from the past who have influenced our lives and events that have shaped the world we live in. 

 Studying history enables our children to develop skills of enquiry, chronological understanding, historical language and curiosity about the world around them.  We encourage our pupils to feel confident to ask questions and engage with their learning so their enthusiasm for History becomes a life long passion.

History Objectives

History Skills Progression

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